Monday, May 23, 2011

Stylized Photo Shoot with theSNAPsisters

Earlier this spring I was contacted by the SNAPsisters to see if I would collaborate with them for a stylized photo shoot with a 1970's theme. I was eager to participate & I absolutely loved how the pictures turned out! Their photography is absolutely beautiful...and the model...Miranda was stunning! I had so much fun doing some floral designs that were different from what I am used to with most wedding florals. Inspired by the 70's & what was popular then, this was what I thought bride's today might like. Enjoy!

Thank you for viewing!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Thinking Outside the Box

Think outside the box when it comes to personal flowers for your wedding. Below are some recent designs I have done that could be done in so many different flower combinations. They are not new ideas, but ones people don't usually think of. Be inspired! I would love to create something unique for an upcoming wedding!

Pictures courtesy of the SNAPsisters

Floral ring for the bride or an alternative to the traditional corsages for women.

(photo by The Backyard Gardener)

A beautiful wristlett corsage with one single large bloom instead of the traditional mixed flowers.

Dainty floral head wreath

Large floral head wreath

Over sized, European head wreath

5/21/2011 Kayleah & Nick

After a beautiful week of finally nice weather, I was so sad to see rain this morning. This couple is so sweet, I really wanted everything to be perfect for them! Despite the weather, I know this couple & their families made the best of it & enjoyed the day. Congratulations Kayleah & Nick!

"Thank you so much! What a lovely job you did & it looked great. Thanks for making Kayleah's wedding a great memeory!" Linda (Mother of Bride)

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

8/7/10 McKenzie & Kevin

More amazing photos by Amy Parson's Photography. Comments welcome!

How did she do it? How did the photograher make both rain & a tractor look romantic? The talented Amy Parsons can do anything!

This looks like the happy ending in an old movie...doesn't it?

Love these girls' good attitude for all the rain they endured during photos!

Believe it or not, this was a DIY centerpiece by the Bride!

Cake made for the bride & groom by their Aunt Renee.

You can see more photos from my original post last summer here.