Monday, December 15, 2008

Romantic Elegance

Romantic Elegance: Flowers, candles, crystals, rose petals....

I met with Tracy earlier this year to go over her wedding flowers. Ever since then, I had been looking forward to her wedding! She has great taste in flowers & wanted a truly romantic, elegant look for her wedding day. Tracy & Kurt's wedding ranked right up there with my favorite weddings this year. It was a fun ending for this years weddings. If I was a photographer, I'd say let the pictures of the flowers speak for themselves. However, I'm not a photographer, so you'll just have to trust me when I say, "It took my breath away".

Inside the sanctuary Front Stage
Strands of crystals were uplighted for the ceremony.
Vase arrangment with orchids showing in the glass vase. Candles, rose petals, & scattered crystals were on the glass.

Candelabra Arrangment
Close up of the flower ring around the crystal Unity Candles
Pew Arrangement with Crystals
Arrangements in the windows with candles. Looked beatiful when dark outside and candles lit!
Fresh wreaths of hydrangea on the doors leading to the sanctuary & guest book table arrangement
Back side of the guestbook arrangment with more crystals!

Monday, November 17, 2008

Sean & Erin

Sean & Erin's wedding was so much fun to design the flowers for. She chose shades of orange for her of my favorites! I couldn't help but be excited for her wedding to come. I had a chance to take a few photos, but the batteries on my camera went dead by the time I wanted to take pictures of the corsages, boutonnieres & the reception. Once I get pictures from the photographer, James Taylor, I will post more pictures. Then, maybe you'll see how fun everything turned out to be!

One of the Bridesmaid's Bouquets with calla lilies, roses, seeded eucalyptus & bronze ribbon.

Bride's Bouquet with calla lilies, roses, seeded eucalyptus & copper ribbon.
My attempt of taking a picture of the ceremony. Hey, I'm not a photographer! Down the aisle were kissing of our favorites! Lorinda did a great job on them.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Fiesta Wedding

Vince & Kristi's Wedding was so much fun to be part of! They hired me to also be their onsite florist. Vince & Kristi's wedding was definately not traditional. It completely reflected thier personalities....and wow, it was great! You could see that all of the guests were enjoying themselves.

They wanted every guest to have a single stem flower during the ceremony. After the ceremony the flowers were collected & I put them into the centerpieces that I had already mocked up with greenery & limes, lemons & oranges. Other than the Fiesta theme, they incorporated a flower theme. Around the world flowers are a symbol of love. They shared their love with their guests, and in return the guests witnessed Vince & Kristi's love for eachother during the ceremony.

Single stem Flowers I gave each guest.Women of course loved the idea of holding a flower during the ceremony. Several men too enjoyed it!Centerpieces with limes, oranges & lemons that I had prepared before the wedding.

The final product! We chose flowers & contrasting colors that reminded us of Mexico where the couple got engaged. Of course, we had to use sunflowers!

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Fall Dream Wedding

I had so much fun creating the floral designs for Shara & Billy's wedding! My crew & I really had our work cut out for us this weekend but the end result was worth it. My stress level this weekend was at minimum because we had so much fun designing the flowers for this amazing fall wedding.
The pots, urns & most of the pedestals you see in this picture are available to rent through The Backyard Gardener
Flower arrangements and potted plants in the foyer help set the atmosphere for the guests.

Instead of rose petals along the aisle, the bride wanted fall leaves. This was one of my favorite details. Also notice all the candles? They created an elegant and romantic atmosphere for the ceremony. I should mention there was over 100 candles! Unscented of course.

No area was left without flowers or candles! These arrangements looked really great in the church's stained glass windows.

I was so busy with this wedding I never got a shot of the bride's bouquet. (Atleast I remembered my camera! I quite often forget the camera.) However, I managed to get a picture of a bridesmaid's bouquet. To see the bride's bouquet, and some more amazing professional pictures of this wedding check out the blog of Amy Parsons Photography .

OK, the Landscape Designer in me couldn't resist posting this picture. I added vine maple branches & nandina foliage to all of the church's pots to help spruce up all of the entries. This is a simple way to spruce up your pots at home for the fall season.

Monday, September 22, 2008


This past weekend I was able to set up a wedding at a beautiful outdoor location in the Ferndale/Lynden area...Evergreen Gardens.

Unfortunately it rained, but they have a wonderful covered area that the ceremony & reception could take place in. These images do not do the flowers justice, but they really did look great. The wedding flowers were mainly red & orange, with a touch of cobalt blue delphinium. The arbor below is Evergreen Garden's that I was able to incorporate the fresh flowers onto. The bride and groom had a small table that they set inside it to sign their marriage liscense.
The thing I enjoyed the most about this wedding, is that the the bride specifically wanted nothing to be exactly the same. The end result was really great, I wish I had thought to take pictures! The corsages & boutonierres were all different combinations of flowers in red & orange. Even the bridesmaid bouquets were each arranged slightly different. I definately would do this again.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Medcalf Photography

Scroll down below a few entries & you'll see my photography skills of the same wedding. Professional pictures are always better!! Nicole Medcalf, graciously emailed these pictures of Matt & Alisha's wedding. The bride emailed me the link to view her pictures and there was a lot of them!! Nicole had a lot of great shots. These show off just the flowers. Thanks Nicole for the great pictures.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Soft & Elegant

Sarah Button and Bryn DeVries chose a soft, elegant color pallet for their wedding. We had lots of compliments on their colors as we set up their wedding at 3rd CRC in Lynden. Notice some of the details on the bouquet wraps!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008


This weekend was busy! Each wedding I did I used lots and lots of dahlias! One of my favorite flowers, the dahlias are in season and very affordable. Leela wanted all dahlias in her bouquet with a touch of stephanotis and greenery. You can't tell from my photograph, but the stephanotis all had a rhinestone in the center. Also, I incorporated rhinestones on the stem wrap of her bouquet. These small details sparkled great for her outdoor wedding in the apple orchard at Hovander Park.

Groom's boutonniere with rhinestone & silver wire details.

This picture Leela emailed me. Thanks Leela!

Memory Arrangement

I often design arrangements for weddings where the bride & groom want remember loved ones who have passed away. I've done candles, single stem flowers, & arrangements most often. Sheri had a great idea for her memory arrangement: a single stem calla lily for each grandparent who had passed away. It was an elegant & tasteful touch to their ceremony.

Outdoor Elegance

Alisha chose purple & bright green flowers for her wedding. The fun colors are bright and contrasting, yet they were really elegant for her outdoor wedding. The above picture is of her aisle. The hydrangea in the urns were very elegant. Right before the ceremony, a thick carpet of white rose petals were added. If Alisha sends me pictures, I will post them asap! I know it was a beautiful aisle!

The centerpieces were very fun to design. When you went to smell the flowers, you would get a yummy scent of the limes. Thank goodness there were only 12 centerpieces....I sliced 90 limes!!! FYI - These vases are one of my rental items.

This picture shows one of the bride & groom chairs.

Alisha chose to rent one of the 5' metal wedding trees. Shown on her tree are hydrangea, roses, cymbidium orchids, crystals & candles.