Friday, July 25, 2008

Woodland Wedding

For Jessica's wedding she chose a "woodland" theme. For her aisle at the ceremony, moss was added in the vase to go along with the woodland theme. The front of the church was beautiful with trees, shrubs, moss, branches, logs...a truly woodland setting, only indoors. The bouquets had beautiful colors. The mini calla lilies, aranda orchids, and gloriosa lilies looked beautiful combined together.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008


I love it when I know that I have designed flowers that are a perfect match to the couple's personality. Kim's flowers were exactly that. Her fun personality showed through in several aspects of the wedding, even the flowers. She allowed me to use beautiful orange flowers: roses, aranda orchids (one of my favorites!), calla lilies, asiatic lilies... Kim even loved the idea of using ostrich drab feathers in the centerpieces. You can't tell from the picture below, but the centerpieces also had submersible lights in them. In the evening, the centerpieces "glowed", helping to create the fun atmosphere the couple desired for their 1950's/Jazz theme wedding. I really enjoyed designing the flowers for this couple. Congratulations Ed & Kim! Thank you for the beautiful pictures you emailed me! Evantide Photography

Stephanie Stremler Photography

Stephanie Stremler Photography

Stephanie Stremler Photography

Monday, July 21, 2008

Wedding Design Show

Earlier this year I went to a wedding design show in Seattle for inspiration, new ideas & new techniques. I took Lorinda with me who often works with me on large events. I never win anything, but I went home with the most beautiful bouquet at the show. Yeah!! This gorgeous bouquet is made of green calla lilies, green cymbidium orchids & ti leaves. I even love the stem wrap on the bouquet. Future brides....anyone going to let me recreate this for your wedding?

Metal Wedding Trees

Wedding Trees are very popular right now. I recently purchased some in three different sizes to rent out. The 3 1/2' size is the perfect height for table centerpieces. The 5' & 6' sizes are great for buffet tables, place card tables, wishing trees, head tables...let your imagination go wild. I can't wait to start working with them for weddings & special events. With the metal trees, you don't have to worry about fire hazards or about them tipping over. Check out more information about them on my website under the rental items page.

Adorable Flowergirl

This flowergirl was extremely proud to have a kissing ball to hold! The kissing ball was a lot of fun with it's bright colors and stripes. Congratulations Christa & Johnathan! I enjoyed designing your wedding flowers.

An April Wedding

This spring we had incredibly weird weather! One week before Bethany's wedding we had snow! Since they were from Virginia, they did not know what weather to expect when they flew into Washington. However on April 12, 2008 this bride & groom had the perfect wedding day! It was sunny, 70 degrees, a great day for their small wedding in Lynden at the Wayside Chapel. I don't remember another day in April this year that was that beautiful. Just goes to show God will answer even the smallest requests.

Lets Give This a Try!

I always love looking at other people's blogs, especially photographers. I love viewing what they are able to capture. Recently I thought I should give it try myself and post some pictures of the weddings I have recently worked on! Even though my photography skills are not that good, I think people will still enjoy viewing the pictures.

So far this year I have met several new people with the weddings I have done. Some of the brides even from out of state. Below are some pictures of Marcie's Wedding. Marcie lives in Colorado, but has family here in Washington State. She had a beautiful wedding day at The Mansion at Loomis Trail Golf Course. One of Marcie's bridesmaids is a photographer & she emailed me these beautiful pictures.