Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Catching Up!

I've been so busy nesting at home, I have not spent any time updating my blog. I've forgotton to take my camera several times to recent weddings I have done the floral designs for, but I did manage to remember to take a few pictures at the most recent ones.

Matt & Megan's wedding was a beautiful sunny day & had bright and cheerful flowers. High expectations from the Bride kept me on my toes, making sure every detail was perfect. I was happy with the end result, & thrilled when she said it was exactly what she had pictured!

These wood boxes built by the Bride's brother-in-law were one of my favorite details from Matt & Megan's wedding. (And the simplest detail!) The boxes were planted with grass ahead of time. I added the Gerber Daisies & put them in the windows at the church. After the ceremony, the boxes were re-used to decorate the stage at the reception where the head table was at.

I included this picture because this is a simple, easy & inexpensive way to add color down your ailse without spending a fortune! Can be done with almost any flower, gerber daisies just happended to be Megan's theme flower.

I stole this picture of the flower girl's pomander from Amy Parson's Blog. I hope that's OK Amy! It by far was much cuter than any picture I took that day. To see some more amazing pictures from Matt & Megan's wedding look at Amy Parson Photography's blog: http://amyparsons.wordpress.com/