Monday, January 11, 2010

2010 Bellingham Bridal Show

This was the first year I had a booth at the Bellingham Bridal show. It was a lot of fun & very exhausting! We talked to lots & lots of brides, bridesmaids, mothers & even some brave grooms!

One of my favorites in the lower right hand corner. A ring bearer pillow made of kermit button mums. I handed this to lots of people at the show, to see how surprisingly light it was.
I displayed a few of my rental items in the booth, along with some great florals in bright, bold colors. The favorite seemed to be the metal trees I rent out. I decorated it with lots of candle light, crystals & a few green mini cymbidium orchids. These trees are always fun for me, since the possibilities of decorating them is endless.
I wanted to include one of my favorite calla lilies in an eggplant shade. Not many people realize how many colors they are available in. I can't tell you how many people had to touch them to make sure they were real!
White flowers for the bride's bouquet is always popular, so I wanted to include one of these too. I love details so I included this super cute bracelet on the stem wrap. Teardrop bouquets have been really popular with my brides over the past couple years. I had a lot of brides at the show hold this bouquet.

A tropical bouquet of mini cymbidium orchids & aranda orchids. I have hydra gel crystals in the vase with a submersible LED light.

Table candelabra arrangement. (Table candelabras are another one of my rental items)