Monday, November 17, 2008

Sean & Erin

Sean & Erin's wedding was so much fun to design the flowers for. She chose shades of orange for her of my favorites! I couldn't help but be excited for her wedding to come. I had a chance to take a few photos, but the batteries on my camera went dead by the time I wanted to take pictures of the corsages, boutonnieres & the reception. Once I get pictures from the photographer, James Taylor, I will post more pictures. Then, maybe you'll see how fun everything turned out to be!

One of the Bridesmaid's Bouquets with calla lilies, roses, seeded eucalyptus & bronze ribbon.

Bride's Bouquet with calla lilies, roses, seeded eucalyptus & copper ribbon.
My attempt of taking a picture of the ceremony. Hey, I'm not a photographer! Down the aisle were kissing of our favorites! Lorinda did a great job on them.