Sunday, October 12, 2008

Fiesta Wedding

Vince & Kristi's Wedding was so much fun to be part of! They hired me to also be their onsite florist. Vince & Kristi's wedding was definately not traditional. It completely reflected thier personalities....and wow, it was great! You could see that all of the guests were enjoying themselves.

They wanted every guest to have a single stem flower during the ceremony. After the ceremony the flowers were collected & I put them into the centerpieces that I had already mocked up with greenery & limes, lemons & oranges. Other than the Fiesta theme, they incorporated a flower theme. Around the world flowers are a symbol of love. They shared their love with their guests, and in return the guests witnessed Vince & Kristi's love for eachother during the ceremony.

Single stem Flowers I gave each guest.Women of course loved the idea of holding a flower during the ceremony. Several men too enjoyed it!Centerpieces with limes, oranges & lemons that I had prepared before the wedding.

The final product! We chose flowers & contrasting colors that reminded us of Mexico where the couple got engaged. Of course, we had to use sunflowers!